What to Expect

Preparing For Our Introductory Call 

I like to know what to expect when I jump into a new project.  So, I decided to lay out what a typical introductory call looks like when working with Knockout Creative. 

Our initial call is a chance, not only for myself to get to know you and your business, but also a chance for you to learn a bit more about me.  There are a list of questions I like to learn from each prospective client call. 

  • Describe in detail what your ideal client looks like.  Think about age, demographics, location, interests, career, and lifestyle.  The more clear picture you have of your ideal client, the better I can shape your content to attract that person. 
  • What is one of the main reasons why people do business with you? 
  • Why did you get into your profession and what are the aspects that you love most about it? 
  • How do you feel you differ from your competitors?   
  • How do you want a customer to feel after their initial contact with your business? 
  • If a customer was describing your business to a fiend, how do you think they would describe it? 
  • What areas of your business draw in the most revenue?  What areas of your business would you like to grow or focus on the most? 

You don’t have to know the answers right away.  I will help walk you through each question and talk about shaping the perspective of your brand to reach your goals and implement strategies to better connect with your ideal customers.